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Render Rocket Quick Start Guide

1.  Create a Project by clicking the “Projects” link and click “Add New Project”. Fill in the fields and click “Save”.

2.  Upload your Scene file and ALL assets used (images, caches, geometry, etc):

a.  On the “Projects” page, click the “Upload” button in the “File Management” box.

b.  Click “Select” then navigate to and select all files you wish to upload. You can also drag and drop onto the “Select” area of the Upload window.

c.  Click “Upload” at the bottom of the window.

2b. Alternatively, you can also use a 3rd party FTP client to upload directly to your “Source” folder of the desired project. This is only recommended if you have files that exceed 2GB. Please ask an Artist Care Agent if you need assistance with this. (Click here for more info.)

3.  Click on “Launch Render” and select your Project, Scene, and Render Engine.

4.  Fill in the appropriate details. Take advantage of our Free Test Renders and be sure to enter up to 5 frames (if you leave “Frame Range” blank your Mission will fail to launch!). Be sure to also specify your output format, resolution, etc.

5.  Scene Analysis will automatically run and attempt to diagnose if your scene is missing any assets (as well as scene settings). You do NOT need to wait for Scene Analysis to complete before Launching your Mission.

6.  After reading the terms, click the “I agree…” checkbox, then click to “Launch” your Mission and watch its progress on the Dashboard. Click the Mission’s name for more details!

7.  Once your Mission completes, you can download the files in a RAR package from the “Mission Details” page. Alternatively, you can download them via FTP in real-time as the frames complete.


More in-depth details:

Curious about pricing?

Use our Render Rocket Project Estimator after running a test of your project on Render Rocket:


Thank you for using Render Rocket, now a service of StratusCore!


If you have any further questions, just click the "Support" button on the bottom right of this window or e-mail us at


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