Preparing your Lightwave Scene for Render Rocket

Preparing your Lightwave Scene for Render Rocket!


ATTENTION: Please follow ALL the steps below to ensure that your Scene is prepared for rendering. Not following this guide will most likely result in errors.

NOTE: Lightwave is currently in Open Beta Testing.


--Removing Save Paths--

Lightwave currently has trouble rendering on Render Rocket if a path has been specified under the following fields in  “Render Globals” > “Output”:

  1. Animation File
  2. RGB Files
  3. Alpha Files


While we work on a fix, additional steps must be followed to ensure a proper render. If any paths are present you will have to manually strip them from the file.


  1. Open the Scene file you wish to render with a text editor.
    1. Right click > Open With > Notepad
  2. Use “ctrl + f” (or scroll toward the bottom of the file) to Find the tag “SaveRGB”.
  3. If the following lines exist, DELETE them (along with the entire path listed):
    1. SaveAnimationName “the_name_of_the_path…”
    2. SaveRGBImagesPrefix “the_name_of_the_path…”
    3. SaveAlpha “the_name_of_the_path…”
  4. Save the file. Make sure you do not add any paths if you modify the file later.



It is important to Package your Scene from within Layout. This ensures that there are no “absolute paths” to assets and that all objects, images, etc. will be available for the farm to render. Absolute paths will result in a failed render!


  1. Open the Scene you wish to render (with paths removed via notepad).
  2. Go to “File” > “Package Scene”.
  3. Change the “Action” dropdown to “Create ZIP Archive”
  4. Specify a location to save your ZIP.
  5. Click “OK” (the packaging process may take several minutes)
  6. Upload your ZIP to Render Rocket!


For particularly large Scenes, it may be more beneficial to manually create the archive file as a ZIP or RAR. Use “Action: Package Files” to gather the files to a common directory. Manually ZIP or RAR the parent directory.


If you run into any errors or problems, please feel free to contact us at

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