Converting 2015 scene files to 2014

In order to convert your Max 2015 scene file to 2014, please follow the steps below. Be aware that you will need access to both 2015 and 2014 versions.

  1. Open the orignal file in 2015
  2. Save As...
  3. Under the "Type", change this to 2014.
  4. Hit OK to save
  5. Open the new file in 2014.
  6. Save as usual.

The file will now be recognized as 2014 and render properly. To confirm this, you may edit the .max file in a text editor (such as Notepad). Search for (ctrl+f) the text "3ds Max". The first search result will read like "3ds Max Version: 16.00"

As long as the number is 16.00, then it is a legit 2014 version. If the number reads 17.00, then it is still a 2015 file and the process will need to be repeated. Contact if you have any questions.



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