3DS Max Design vs. 3DS Max

While these two applications are very similar, they are in fact two separate programs.

Both 3DS Max and 3DS Design share the same core functionality - 3DS Design incorporates functions that work in conjunction with the Autodesk Design Suite of tools. (AutoCAD, Civil 3D, etc.) These functions benefit Architects and Designers.  3DS Max is generally use by the entertainment industry, such as film and games. 

You can submit your 3DS Max Design scenes to the Render Rocket Farm and get a successful render. However, depending on your light configuration, usually if your using Design's "Lighting Simulation & Analysis" feature, your results may come out too dark or too washed out.

Gamma Correction Override

Gamma Correction is one of the most effective ways in fixing dark or washed out renders. See Gamma Correction help here to learn more about it. If this does not work, or have no effect on your file, then you may need to convert the scene to 3DS Max. All this implies is opening your scene file in Standard and re-saving it. Unfortunately depending on your lighting you may need to tweak the settings to get them adjusted properly. At times, re-saving the scene file may reset your lights to their default setting.


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