Frames Appear "Done" but Nothing was Rendered

One of the most common problems users run into when rendering with Cinema 4D, is the render immediately failing, or receiving a "Done" status on the frame without an outputted image. This is very common and also very easy to resolve.

Generally, Cinema C4D render jobs fail or are incomplete because you are missing an asset for your scene.  Most commonly, a texture map.  In order for C4D to have successful output, ALL scene textures and assets must be uploaded. Even if only one texture is missing, the render will fail or submit a "done" status, without a resulting output image.  Here are a couple ways to verify if your scene is missing assets.

  1. Render Time - Look at how long the frame took to render.  Did you expect your frame to take 40 minutes to render, but it "completed" in 4 seconds?
  2. Logs - View the logs for the frames in question.  Look for "Missing Texure - xxxxx.jpg" or "File not found in..." within the log file.  If you're having trouble reading the log file, feel free to contact Depending on the version, C4D may or may not give you the exact texture that is missing in the log, only a "Error Rendering".
  3. If you are still receiving the error, but are confident that all scene assets have been uploaded, it may be an "absolute path".  Be sure your scene only contains paths that are relative. See below for an example.

Examples of Absolute Path vs. Relative Path

Absolute: C:\docs\mike\maxon\cinema 4d r13\texture1.jpg

Relative: texture1.jpg



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