Random C4D Frame Failures / Missing Frames

Random Frame Failures or "Done" Frames

Failed C4D frames often appear as "Done" but have only rendered for a very short period of time.  If this is happening, you may need to disable the "auto save" feature in your scene's GI settings. 

To resolve this issue, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your scene's render settings
  2. Select "Global Illumination"
  3. Navigate to the "Cache files" tab
  4. Expand the "Irradience Caches" sub menu
  5. Uncheck "Auto save" 
  6. Expand the "Radiosity Maps" sub menu
  7. Uncheck "Auto save"
  8. Save your scene out and upload it to your project's source directory. 
Upon re-uploading your scene, you can over write the old scene if you like.  You also do not need to upload any of the scene's resources if you had already done so.
For reference, your scene setting should appear as they do below:




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