Managing your FTP account

Using a 3rd party FTP client is one of the most reliable and quickest ways to transfer your source files or completed images. Follow these steps for uploading, downloading and even some troubleshooting advice!

There are many free FTP clients available. Some of the more commonly used clients are:

WinSCP (Windows)
CyberDuck (Open Source, for Windows and Mac OS X)
FireFTP (Firefox addon, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
BareFTP (Linux)
CoffeeCup FreeFTP 

  How to upload using FTP

  1. Download an FTP client, or open your currently installed FTP client.
    *If downloading a new FTP client, please be sure to download a version that is compatible with your current operating system.

  2. Launch the FTP client software and create a new connection to our FTP server...
  • Host:
  • Username: <Same as your website login name> Note: This can *not* be your Email Address, you must use your username when connecting to your FTP account.
  • Password: <Same as website>Host1.jpg

Finally click connect!

Once logged in, you may see something similar to the above image. The left pane shows your local machine, while the right pane shows your FTP account on the Render Rocket network.

In the right pane (RR FTP) navigate to your project's *Source* Directory...The path will look similar to this...

...\<ACCOUT NAME>\projects\<PROJECT>\source


Navigate the left pane (Your Computer) to where you local scene files are located. You may drag and drop the items directly into the FTP pane.

Note: Only individual files or archives are accepted (.zip or .rar).

The bottom pane shows the progress and files in queue for uploading. Once done you may close the client and begin the extraction process which is all done via the Projects  page on the website!


How to download completed images

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 from the "How to Upload via FTP steps" listed above to ensure FTP access.
  2. In the right pane (RR FTP) navigate to the Render directory of your FTP account.
  3. In here you should see all images that have completed up to this point. Point your Left pane (Your Computer) to a location that you would like to download to.
  4. For Windows users you can use CTRL+A to select all files in the FTP and drag 'n drop them to your local machine. Just like above the bottom pane will show you the queue and progress for all files being downloaded!

Troubleshooting FTP problems  

Logging into your FTP gives you an error and does not list any files or folders in your FTP account.

  1. Try resetting your FTP. This can be done through the website (Manage Account > Reset FTP). Once done try connecting again.
  2. Try refreshing your FTP client. Right click in the remote window pane and hit refresh
  3. Contact


I am logged in, but I don't see all of my files, only some of them.

  1. Some FTP clients do not refresh automatically or automatically disconnect if you have had the FTP client open for a long period of time with no activity.  Try refreshing the directory contents.


My files are being rejected by the server.

  1. Be sure you are uploading ONLY individual files associated with your project (.ma, .max, .c4d .jpg, .bmp, .tif etc...) or archives (.zip or .rar).


I can't create folders.

  1. Creating folders is not necessary due to the way our network handles files (illum, tex, source images folders, etc) are not needed. Everything should be placed directly in the *Source* folder. Should you need to create special folders, please contact


I uploaded my files, but I can't see them in the website.

  1. Be sure the files / archives where uploaded to the *Source* directory. Files in any other location will not be located by our servers.



Not finding what you are looking for here? Try our searchable  Help Resources  or contact our  support team  for more information.  You can always email for technical questions or your  account management  team at for everything else!  Don't hesitate in contacting us - we are here to help you get your renders done and meet your deadlines!       

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