How to Run a Good Test!

Step 2 - Run a Good Test!


A Good Test = An Accurate Estimate

A good test is a sampling of frames throughout your scene.  The sampling should include a mixture of quick to render (less complex) and longer to render (more complex) frames.  Sampling is important because an average frame render time is used when calculating core hours and core hours are needed to determine your project costs.  Limiting your testing to the quickest and easiest frames would result in a lower average frame render time; lower core hours; lower costs and most likely a vastly inaccurate estimate.  The good news is we offer Free Unlimited Testing. You can run as many tests as needed for any project, or the same project.  We also provide support and account management to help you through every step. To run a good test, please use our Free Testing.


Why Do I Need To Run A Test?

As much as we wish we had the magic to tell you how long your scene will take to render, without basic information - we can't.   There is no typical scene, frame, shot, project or customer.  Many elements can effect render time; varying amounts of scene complexity, geometry, camera angles, render layers, resolution, lighting, reflection, etc.  Each of these components will effect to how long a frame takes to render.  We also cannot assume that your machine and ours will render at the same rate.  We can make some assumptions with a little information from you, however it is not best practice to assume render times and or costs.  The only real way to be sure about render times on our machines and associated costs is to run a test on our servers.

Benefits Of Testing

Testing is great for those new to Render Rocket.  It familiarizes you with our workflow and our interface.  Testing also gives you the opportunity to benchmark render times and get accurate estimates.  By testing your project you can verify the output is correct.  Additionally, testing will allow you to make any scene optimizations or needed tweaks before you purchase credits on your final render.  Testing is Free and will give you actual data that assuming just can't provide. 


But I Don't Have Time To Run A Test...  I Just Need A Price!

We understand that you are in a hurry and possibly have tight deadlines.  We still strongly suggest you spend the time it takes to create an account and submit your test render.  This will provide accurate render times and project costs.  At the end of the day we want you to have a positive experience working with us and receive exactly what you are expecting.  Testing will help make sure you are provided accurate information about your project.  If you would like a ballpark estimate for processing time and pricing options we will do our very best to help you.  Additionally, if you find yourself in a situation where you are awaiting files and don't have any data to test yet, we can also try our best to help. 

Send an email to with the following information for a ballpark estimate:

  • Total frames in your project
  • Average time to render a frame
  • Machines used to render (we are looking to total cores used per machine, this includes hyper-threading)
  • Date you want to start your render
  • Render deadline
  • Available budget

Account management can help you with questions regarding price estimations, and render credit purchases.  Account management can help you find the best pricing option for your render needs, budget and deadline.



Not finding what you are looking for here? Try our searchable Help Resources or contact our support team for more information.  You can always email for technical questions or your account management team at for everything else!  Don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you get your renders done and meet your deadlines.



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