Gamma Correction

Differences can occur when rendering an image file from inside the 3DS Max GUI vs command line rendering. The fix to this is very simple and can save you a lot of time and frustration. Follow these steps to ensure your rendering image will be just how you expect it to be...

Prepare your scene file.

  1. Open your scene locally and go to Customize > Preferences > Gamma and LUT tab
  2. If you have the setting "Gamma" ticked, take note of your setting. It might be worthwhile to write the number down.
  3. Ensure that both items in the "Materials and Colors" section are enabled.
  4. Save your scene and close



Upload and Render

After adjusting the settings of your scene, you can upload your scene file along with any required assets.

After you run the Scene Analysis there will be a field called "Extra Parameters".  This is only enabled for paid production renders  (If you would like to enable this feature in a Test Render, please contact

In the Extra Parameters field enter the following command line arguments:

-gammaCorrection:1 -gammaValueIn:2.2 -gammaValueOut:2.2

The "2.2" values need to be adjusted to match what your scene file is set to. (The values you wrote down earlier).




Launch the Render

  1. The most efficient way is to launch a 5 frame test render, is to use a lower resolution.  If your frames take 1 hour to render, lowering the resolution (for example from 1920x1080 to 640x480) will speed up the render time to verify the gamma correction has worked properly for you.
  2. All scenes are created differently.  The above steps may work with your scene file.  If you notice there are still some irregularities, adjustments may be needed to Gamma value.
  3. If you are outputting to HDR images such as OpenEXR, you may have to drop the value to 1.0



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