Calculate Core Hours

Step 3 - Calculating Core Hours

After you have run a good test for your project on Render Rockets servers, you can quickly calculate your core hours and pricing options. 

To do this, click on the Render History link from the top band.  Your "Render History" page should now be open.  Under "Mission Name", click on the completed render.  You will then be directed to the "Mission Detail" page for that project.  On the Mission Detail page, you will see the "Pricing Estimator" link as detailed in the image below.  Select this link to open up the Render Rocket Project Estimator page.  Your average frame time from your test will be auto filled into the estimator. 

Simply enter the number of frames for your project and the estimator will calculate core hours, credit package pricing, "on-demand" pricing, and economy pricing options.  Currently, Render Rocket allows you to choose from 3 pricing options. (click on the links to explore pricing options)

On-Demand; Credit Packages (details available on your "Buy Credits" link within your account); Economy

Additional payment and pricing options such as educational pricing (students or institutions),
Paypal purchases, and bulk render credit purchases are available.

Please contact for pricing questions.


Once you have generated an estimate for your project, you can start rendering without a render credit package (if you have a credit card associated with your account) or you can select the render credit package that best fits your project needs.

If you have pricing questions or if you're interested in a private server rental, please contact our sales team ( to help determine the best pricing option for your project deadlines and or budget. 


Where Do I Find My Average Frame Render Time?

You can find your average frame render time on the Mission Details page.  Log into your account, click on the "Render History" link to see your project render history.  Locate the project you want to view and click on the project name.  This will open up the "Mission Details" page.  The Mission Details page (see the image above) lists average frame render time as well as other pertinent information about your render job.

Additional Mission Details

Below is an example of the information you will find on the upper right hand corner of the Mission Detail Page.  For Example: This render job used 15.36 total core hours and the Average Frame Render Time was 5 Seconds.  Time is reported as Hours:Minutes:Seconds


More Information you will find on the Mission Details page

The Mission Details page will provide a summary of running or completed render job information. 

  • Render software:  Software used  
  • Project:  Project folder referenced  
  • Scene File:  File Rendered  
  • Mission Mode:  Test Mode, Standard Mode, Economy  
  • Camera:  Camera Selected  
  • Total Processing Time:  If the render job is complete, this is the total core hours used.  If job is still running, this is the core hours used up to this point (This will dynamically update as the project runs)
  • Total Credits:  This will be the same as the total processing time.
    1 credit  = 1 core hour  
  • Average Frame Render Time:  This is displayed as Hours: Minutes: Seconds 
  • CPU’s Per Frame:  Default is 8. This means that 1 frame is running on 1 server and using all cores on that one frame.  This is generally the best way to render your frames.  
  • Last Update:  The last time this data was updated by our system

The Mission Details page also provides frame previews.  For jobs that are actively rendering, you will be able to determine the total number of frames currently rendering, completed frames, and queued frames. You can also pause or abort a render job and view render logs from completed frames. The Mission Details Page is where you can "monitor" your running project.  

Questions about getting started, estimating and pricing?

Your account management team is here to help you with any questions about project estimates or render credit pricing.  Email for assistance.  Our team can help you find the best pricing option for your render needs, budget and deadline.



Not finding what you are looking for here? Try our searchable Help Resources or contact our support team for more information.  You can always email for technical questions or your account management team at for everything else!  Don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you get your renders done and meet your deadlines.



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