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A must read for all students and educational accounts!

Render Rocket is deeply committed to supporting education and working with students. The information below covers the most common questions our students ask.  We have also included information that all students should review before they start rendering at Render Rocket.  If you have questions about educational accounts for Schools and Universities visit here: Render Rocket Programs for Schools and Universities

Getting Set up with Render Rocket Educational Account

You must qualify for a student account to get student pricing. First, you must create an account with Render Rocket.  To get qualified you will need to send an email to

  • Scanned copy of your current student ID
  • Name and location of your school
  • Area of studies
  • Year in school
  • Your Render Rocket Account Name / User Name / Email associated with Account

You WILL NOT receive student pricing until all the above information has been received, verified and you have been notified via email by the account management team that your account has been set up with student pricing.  Should you submit a render job before we have confirmed (via email) that your account is qualified and set up with educational pricing; any charges you incur will not be adjusted to educational rates.

Educational Pricing

  • Render credits are offered to students and universities at 0.20 cents per render credit.
  • No render package purchase required

Buying Educational Credits

  • Get qualified for an educational account
  • Load your credit card into your account
  • Start Rendering!

To load your credit card into your account:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on "Manage Account" in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on "Payment Methods"
  • Load in your credit card information and save your data.

All render credits will be billed at 0.20 cents per render credit for render time used. 

Technical Support for Students

Students receive full access to technical support and we encourage you to use the support team for any technical issues or questions.

Our support team is available Monday - Friday, 6:00am - 7:00pm PST, and can be reached at:


Support Ticket: From within Mission Control – just click the Support button in the bottom right corner to create a ticket.


ALL students have access to free unlimited testing.

We STRONGLY encourage ALL students to test their renders before they launch their final render.  Testing is important to validate the output is correct, benchmark processing time and identify any tweaks that may need to be made prior to spending any money on your render.

Free tests are limited to any 5 frames in your scene (they will be watermarked).  Make sure to select Test Mode when launching your render.

Some output options are not available when using test mode, like .EXR.  However, they are available when rendering in standard mode.

If you have questions about support for a specific output, send an email to

When performing final renders in Normal / Standard mode, industry standard outputs are supported by Render Rocket.

How long will my render take and how much will it cost?

There is no magic way to determine how long a project will take to render.  Running a good test of your scene will enable you to determine project costs. There is no typical render, frame, project or shot.  From scene to scene, customer to customer, everything varies. Considering the complexity of a scene, its geometry, layers, and camera angles, there is absolutely no way to know how long a render might take without first testing the scene.

The only way to estimate render time is to run a good test of your scene to get an "average per frame" render time which is needed to calculate core hours (render time) and credits (cost).  After running a good test, use our Project Estimator to determine your project costs and render time.   

A good test is a sampling of frames throughout your scene.  The sampling should include a mixture of quick to render (less complex) and longer to render (more complex) frames.  Sampling is important because an average frame render time is used when calculating core hours and core hours are needed to determine your project costs.  Limiting your testing to the quickest and easiest frames would result in a lower average frame render time; lower core hours; lower costs and most likely a vastly inaccurate estimate.  The good news is we offer Free Unlimited Testing. You can run as many tests as needed for any project, or the same project.  We also provide support and account management to help you through every step. To run a good test, please use our Free Testing.

More on core hours and render estimates  

Monitor your job - It's your responsibility

It's your responsibility to monitor your render projects.  Since you are the creator of your project, you know more about your project than we ever could (correct output, resolution settings, layers, camera angles, etc.)  You will be the one launching your project and determining your settings and therefore you must monitor your project.  If your project is not rendering as you expected it to, Support will likely not recognize visual discrepancies.  Only you will know how your final output should look, or what project settings are.  In fact, we don’t even access your scene files unless you open a ticket with an issue, and request assistance.  If you fail to monitor your job and have made a mistake on your project files, you will be responsible for the time used on our servers (render credits used).


We do not offer refunds on any prepaid render credit packages.  Please see our Refunds page for detailed information. We do not offer refunds on any unused render credits within a package.  We do not offer refunds for mistakes made by the customer (incorrect scene settings, resolution, wrong frames run, etc.) so please monitor your renders.  We do not offer any partial refunds or retroactively adjust any student accounts should they have rendered prior to getting set up as a qualified student. 

We will offer refunds through a render credit adjustment should you encounter an issue with your render job that originates on our end.  Should you encounter any problems, you can pause your job if it has not completed, and open a support ticket right away by emailing 

Other Common Questions:

The links below address some of the most common render and set up questions by those new to Render Rocket, distributed rendering or rendering outside of their own system: 



Using the Support Center

Our Support Center is searchable.  You can access the Support Center by clicking here - Support.  Additionally, you can access support when logged into your account.  Click Support Center at the top of Mission Control.

Once at the Support Center, you will find several topics by scrolling down the page.  If you don’t see what you are looking for,  scroll back to the top of the page and type your topic in the search bar to find answers to your questions as well as tips and tricks.  If you can’t find what you are looking for you can always open a support ticket to ask your question or get the information you need.



Not finding what you are looking for here? Try our searchable Help Resources or contact our support team for more information.  You can always email for technical questions or your account management team at for everything else!  Don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you get your renders done and meet your deadlines.


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