3DS Max Output Option override parameters (at render time)

Use these parameters to override settings at render time. The "<>" characters are not part of the command.

Here is an example of the correct syntax:

(PLEAS NOTE: incorrect settings can cause render errors, use these setting at your own risk Render Rocket is not responsible for USER ERROR)






- .BMP type, 2=paletted, 8=true 24



- .JPG quality value



- .JPG smoothing value



- .TGA color bitdepth



- .TGA compression on/off



- .TGA alpha split on/off



- .TGA premultiplied alpha on/off



- .TIF type, mono/8-bit color/logl/logluv/



- .TIF alpha on/off



- .TIF compression on/off



- .TIF dots-per-inch value


For each of the following there is a corresponding -RPF_xxx option



- .RLA color bitdepth



- .RLA alpha on/off



- .RLA premultiplied alpha on/off



- .RLA description (in quotes)



- .RLA author name (in quotes)



- .RLA z-depth channel on/off



- .RLA material ID channel on/off



- .RLA object ID channel on/off



- .RLA UV coordinates channel on/off



- .RLA surface normals channel on/off



- .RLA non-clamped color channel on/off



- .RLA coverage channel on/off

For each of the RLA options above, there is a corresponding -RPF_xxx option,
plus the following which are specific to RPF and unavailable for RLA



- .RPF node render ID channel on/off



- .RPF color channel on/off



- .RPF transparency channel on/off



- .RPF velocity channel on/off



- .RPF sub-pixel weight channel on/off



- .RPF sub-pixel mask channel on/off



- .EXR Use exponent on/off



- .EXR Exponent value (decimal)



- .EXR Pre-multiply alpha on/off



- .EXR Save alpha component on/off



- .EXR Save red component on/off



- .EXR Save green component on/off



- .EXR Save blue component on/off



- .EXR Bit depth
    0 = 8bit integers
    1 = half float
    2 = float



- .EXR Use number of frame digits on/off



- .EXR Number of frame digits (integer)



- .EXR Compression type
    0 = no compression
    1 = RLE
    2 = ZIP (1 scanline)
    3 = ZIP (16 scanlines)
    4 = PIZ



- .EXR Use RealPix RGB data on/off



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