Maxwell for Maya override parameters (at render time)

Use these parameters to override settings at render time. The "<>" characters are not part of the command.

Here is an example of the correct syntax:
-of TGA

(PLEAS NOTE: incorrect settings can cause render errors, use these setting at your own risk Render Rocket is not responsible for USER ERROR)











Output image file format. bmp png tiff tga





Set X resolution of the final image





Set Y resolution of the final image





Pixel aspect ratio for the rendered image





Use fast geometry exporter





Output color





Output alpha





Output material ID





Output shadow pass





Output object ID





Output depth





Min depth value





Max depth value





Do direct layer





Do indirect layer





Do direct caustic reflection layer





Do direct caustic refraction layer





Do indirect caustic reflection layer





Do indirect caustic refraction layer

Remember to place a space between option flags and their arguments.

Any boolean flag will take the following values as TRUE: on, yes, true, or 1.

Any boolean flag will take the following values as FALSE: off, no, false, or 0.



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