3DS Max override parameters (at render time)

Use these parameters to override settings at render time. The "<>" characters are not part of the command.

Here is an example of the correct syntax:
-gammaCorrection:1 -gammaValueIn:2.0 -gammaValueOut:2.0

(PLEAS NOTE: incorrect settings can cause render errors, use these setting at your own risk Render Rocket is not responsible for USER ERROR)




-width:<integer> or -w:<integer>


Sets the output width in pixels.

-height:<integer> or -h:<integer>


Sets the output height in pixels.



Sets the pixel aspect ratio.

-stillFrame or -sf


Indicates that this is a still-frame render; no frame suffix will be added.



Toggles gamma correction. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Sets the Input Gamma value.



Sets the Output Gamma value.



Toggles Video Color Check. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Force 2-Sided. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Render Hidden. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Atmospherics. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Super Black. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Render Fields. “1”=On, “0”=Off.

-fieldOrder:even or odd


Toggles Field Order. Default=”Odd”.



Toggles Displacement Mapping. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Render Effects. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles area lights/shadows. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles use advanced lighting. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles compute advanced lighting. “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Output Dithering (paletted). “1”=On, “0”=Off.



Toggles Output Dithering (true-color). “1”=On, “0”=Off.






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