What happens If I run Out Of Credits?

If you have a project rendering and your project uses all the credits in your render account and is not yet complete - don't worry. If you have our "Zero Credit Policy" turned off, (available in your Account Settings) We will not pause or cancel your render; we will allow your render to complete so you don't lose any valuable time.  Once your render is complete our system will bill your card for the additional credits needed to finish your render and will bill you at the last rate in which you purchased credits.

For Example:

  • You purchased a $995.00 render package with 2370 credits. (0.42 cents per render credit)
  • Your render ended up using 2500 credits to complete
  • The difference of 130 credits will be billed at a rate of 0.42 cents per render credit
  • You can always view a complete transaction history of your account and print a receipt whenever needed.  How to Print a Receipt

If you have a render job currently running and have any questions about how long it may take to finish or how many credits its estimated to use, please contact



Not finding what you are looking for here? Try our searchable Help Resources or contact our support team for more information.  You can always email for technical questions or your account management team at for everything else!  Don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you get your renders done and meet your deadlines.

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