Co-Op vs Single Server

Local (single machine) Rendering
When you render locally, you are more than likely using a single computer to render your image. Depending on your machine and the scene file this can take quite a while to complete and rendering your computer eseentially useless until the process completes. When the frame finishes you mroe than likely have an RGB image file (jpg, png, etc) and your MXI file which you can adjust lights in.
Our single server option works just the same. 
However, keep in mind there are a couple options which are NOT available at the moment such as;

  • The ability to STOP the render mid way. If you "kill" the frame while its running, then it will do exactly that and kill the frame WITHOUT writing anything to disk. In order to get a successful render you MUST let the render complete to the full SL level you specified.
  • Resuming a render where you left off. You currently can not stop a render and assume you can resume it at the same SL level later.

Cooperative Rendering (Multiple machines)
Having multiple machines is the #1 reason users come to use to render the Maxwell file. When you submit a Co-Op job, you will see 10 or more "segments" running simultaneously for just a single frame. This is perfectly fine and the way Maxwell works.

"...While rendering, multiple nodes will render the same frame with a different starting “seed”. When the job is finished, the Manager will collect these results and merge them into a single output file."

-Excerpt from Next Limit Maxwell Documentation

This dramatically speeds up the overall render time since each "segment" only needs to render a portion of the full SL. If you look in your FTP account you will see multiple RGB images and MXI files. That's ok, all you really need is the ones that do NOT have a frame padding. These are the ones that have been merged. 


The current limitations for Co-op rendering are the same as mentioned above. We hope to have a new pipeline in place in the near future to allow users these two features as well.



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