Maxwell Standalone override parameters (at render time)

Use these parameters to override settings at render time. The "<>" characters are not part of the command.

Here is an example of the correct syntax:

(PLEAS NOTE: incorrect settings can cause render errors, use these setting at your own risk Render Rocket is not responsible for USER ERROR)






-a:A; B-C;D


Specifies a sequence of frames to render. This can be provided in the form of individual frames separated by a semicolon (3;5;7) or a range in the form A-B (from frame A to frame B) or a combination of both.
Example: mxcl -mxs:scene.mxs –a:3;17-32




Specify the camera name you want to render from in case it does not match with the active camera in your MXS scene file.




This option establishes the different layers that Maxwell can export:
r: Render channel
a: Alpha channel
ao: Opaque alpha. This option will render refractive objects as solid white in alpha channel.
s: Shadow channel
m: Material ID channel
o: Object ID channel
z: Z-Buffer channel. This option also requires two additional values indicating distances from the camera. The z value is then calculated by centering on the focal point (distance 0).
Note that when the channel option is set, the r option should be added to obtain the rendered image (if required).




Enables Multilight™ function storing an mxi file with all the emitters’ information.




Specifies the resolution of the render in pixels (W=width, H=height).
Example: -res:640x480



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