How to fix common errors or failed jobs

If you are new to rendering with Cinema 4D through a render farm, here are a few tips on how to avoid errors and costly mistakes.

  • Include ALL textures and assets. C4D will immediately fail if even a single texture is missing.  So be sure to upload everything that your scene requires.  All textures, light maps, caches, etc.
  • Be sure all assets have relative paths set for each texture.

Examples of Absolute Path vs. Relative Path

Absolute: C:\docs\mike\maxon\cinema 4d r13\texture1.jpg

Relative: texture1.jpg

  • Make sure your Render Settings and Project Settings are set to the same FPS. Having these options mismatched will result in very unexpected results (skipped frames, missing frames, shortened or elongated sequence, etc)



If you are using Physical render be sure to NOT have it set to "Infinite".  This will result in exactly what it says; the frame will continue to render forever! NEVER use this option.


  1. Real Flow - When using Real Flow be sure to have your RF .bin meshes or cache files upload to your Source directory.  Again, just like the textures make sure these are also a relative path (See above).
  2. Using PNG format -  If you plan on rendering with a png format you MUST use R14. While you can render locally through the GUI using png, Maxon did not include this format option for command line rendering.  They fixed this missing feature in version R14.034.
  3. Scene files (.c4d) will only run properly, when the scene name is of English alpha-numeric characters only.  Foreign scene files that have non English characters will need to be renamed.
    For example: Scene file "Baño.c4d" has an accent over the "ñ".
    Please rename this scene to: "Bano.c4d" prior to uploading / submitting the scene file.



Not finding what you are looking for here? Try our searchable Help Resources or contact our support team for more information.  You can always email for technical questions or your account management team at for everything else!  Don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you get your renders done and meet your deadlines.


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