Missing Assets (Texture, Refs, Light Maps...) Managing Files



If you launch a Maya render and have missing reference objects / scenes in your completed render, be sure to check the pathing in your scene file.

  1. Open your Scene file locally and open up the "Reference Editor"
  2. First check the references are enabled. (They most likely are, but it's good to double check) 
  3. If your references have absolute paths, such as; "C:\users\mike\documents\maya\projects\etc...\"
  4. You will need to wipe out the paths, making them relative. The final path should be JUST the file name; ""

This will resolve 99% of missing references.  There may be times, where scene file is SO complex, that removing this paths will make the scene unusable. 

Managing files for file referencing - Autodesk Knowledge Network

If you use an absolute path, then our network will not be able to find it. ALWAYS use relative paths when possible


Relative: "Scene01.fgmap"

Absolute: "C:\users\mike\documents\maya\projects\chevy\Scene01.fgmap"



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