Maya override parameters (at render time)

Use these parameters to override settings at render time. The "<>" characters are not part of the command.

Here is an example of the correct syntax:
-aperture 5

(PLEAS NOTE: incorrect settings can cause render errors, use these setting at your own risk Render Rocket is not responsible for USER ERROR)



-aperture N

width of aperture

-aspect N

aspect ratio

-caustic B

toggle caustic computation

-clip N N

hither and yon clipping planes

-colorclip S

color clipping mode: a[lpha], rg[b] (default), or ra[w]

-displace B

enable displacement shaders (default on)

-dither B

toggle intensity dithering

-face S

faces to render: f[ront], ba[ck], or bo[th]

-filter S [X [Y]]

b[ox], t[riangle], g[auss], m[itchell] or [l]anczos filter; and optional filter size in pixels units

-finalgather S

finalgather rendering: on, off, f[astlookup]

-focal N

focal length N, or orthographic if N=i[nfinite]

-gamma N

gamma exponent, default 1.0

-geometry B

enable/disable all geometry shaders (default on)

-globillum B

toggle global illumination computation

-hair B

enable/disable hair processing

-jitter N

jitter image samples

-lens B

enable/disable all lens shaders (default on)

-memory N

set memory allocation limit to N megabytes; 0=unlimited, default 512

-merge B

enable/disable surface edge merging where specified (default on)

-motion B

enable motion vectors generation

-pass B

enable/disable multipass rendering

-premultiply B

premultiply RGB by alpha, default on

-of S

output format (pic, rla, tiff, bmp, jpeg etc)

-output B

enable/disable all output shaders (default on)

-resolution X Y

image resolution X by Y pixels

-samples min max [defmin defmax]

min,max sampling level, 0 means 1 sample/pixel; defmin/defmax are defaults where no objects with min/max are hit

-scanline S

scanline rendering mode: on (software), off, r[apid], op[engl]

-shadow S

shadow casting: on, off, so[rt], or se[gment]

-shutter [D] N

shutter open time D (default 0.0) and shutter close time (default 0.0)

-trace B

toggle ray tracing

-volume B

enable/disable all volume shaders (default on)



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