Considerations for Large Still Images


Large resolution images can be sometimes difficult to render on your local laptop. Render Rocket is here to help with this. Each supported software acts differently when it comes to single large images. Please see the links below for more information on your specific 3D application:

Maya Region Rendering
3ds Max Strip Rendering

Light Caches (maps)

Some renders, may require a Light Cache (FG / IR Map) to render properly. If you notice lighting differences between "regions or strips," then a light map will be required. The reason you get this result is due to the light bounces being calculated differently on each server. Including a pre-generated light map for your scene file will ensure even lighting across all strips, as each server will read the points from that uploaded file.

Why Should I Do This?

Uploading Light maps, FG caches, etc. can really help reduce render time, and end up saving you quite a bit of money when it comes time to render. By having the files to reference, the program doesn't need to rethink the algorithms of the light bounces, saving time and money.



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