Using the FTP

FTP Upload

Another method to upload your files is to use a third party FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client.  Most FTP clients are free of charge and require a download and install to your local machine.

There are many free FTP clients available. Some of the more commonly used clients are:

WinSCP (Windows)
CyberDuck (Open Source, for Windows and Mac OS X)
FireFTP (Firefox addon, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
BareFTP (Linux)
CoffeeCup FreeFTP 

How to upload using FTP

  1. There are 3 items you will need to know to successfully log in to your FTP account at Render Rocket >> Host Name, Username and Password.
  2. Enter as the host name, your username (not e-mail), and the password that you use to log in to the Render Rocket website.
  3. Once you have successfully logged in you will see 3 windowpanes. The bottom portion is the transfer pane where you will see the progress of all transfers and queues. The left pane is your local machine and the right pane is your FTP account at Render Rocket.
  4. Inside the left pane navigate to your source files.
  5. In the right side pane navigate to your projects “Source” folder and open it up.
  6. Drag all source files from your local machine into the “Source” folder. Remember this works the same way as the Web Uploader and only individual files and/or archives will be allowed to transfer. Once you see everything is complete switch back over to the website to begin the extracting process.

Username: <Same as on website>
Password:  <Same as on website>


For an in-depth look at how to setup and navigate your FTP, See How to Manage your FTP



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