Create a Project, Start Your Render Job (or Test Render)

Creating a project
Once you are logged in to the Render Rocket website, you will need to start creating projects. This helps keep your FTP and website organized and free of clutter.

STEP 1 - Click on the Projects tab in the upper portion of your screen.



STEP 2Click the "Add New Project" button.



STEP 3 - Enter the name of your project

Please note OPTIONALIf you have other users associated with your account, select which users will have access to this project.



Source Files Upload
Once your project has been created you can now begin to upload your source files. There are two standard methods of doing this; Web Upload and FTP.

Web Upload
Web Uploading lets you upload your source files directly through the Render Rocket website. All files must uploaded individually or in .zip archive. (PLEASE NOTE: Uploading folders is not allowed).


STEP 1 - Click the "Projects" tab



STEP 2 - Select the Project you want to upload to from the list of Projects (once selected, the project and all information will be highlighted with a grey band across the information)


STEP 3 - In the "File Management" window, click the "Upload" button.


STEP 4 - Within the Upload window, click the "Select" button.


STEP 5 - Using the file browser, select the file(s) (you can select multiple files), and click "open".  Alternatively, you can drag and drop files to where the "Select" button is on the upload window.


STEP 6 - Once the files are done uploading, green dots appear next to the file names.
At the bottom of the menu click "Upload" - Your files are now uploaded! 


STEP 7 - After a few seconds, the screen will refresh and you will see your uploaded files.


STEP 8 - Click the LAUNCH RENDER button below the File Management window.



Launch Your Render Job


STEP 1 - Select your PROJECT, then your SCENE, then your SOFTWARE


STEP 2 - Enter your render settings




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